Talent meets opportunity

20+ years of experience in IT industry. Clients range from FTSE global corporations and SMEs to Start-Ups

Focus on the technology industry

All services that we present are designed to work in the field of information technology and software development.

Product Lifecycle Support

All services cover various stages of the life cycle of a software product. From hiring and building a team to full business support

Providing Technical Expertise

Services may include advice on technology solutions, user interface and user experience development

Why SimilarDev?

Your low-cost AI partner in high-quality recruitment

Experience and Expertise

SimilarDev has extensive experience in IT development and tech recruitment. We have a deep knowledge and understanding of the requirements and trends in the industry, which allows them to find and hire highly qualified developers.

Team of Professionals

SimilarDev offers a team of experienced and talented developers, testers and other professionals who can effectively perform the tasks of developing, testing and implementing a product.The team adapts to your needs and takes part in various projects and tasks.

Comprehensive approach

SimilarDev covers all stages of the software development process, from hiring developers and building a team, to testing, implementation and support of the product. We also provide team management services to ensure its effectiveness and achievement of goals.

Quality and Efficiency

SimilarDev is committed to high quality and efficiency in its work. Following development best practices, testing and quality control are applied to ensure that optimal results are achieved for customers.


Our professional recruiting team will help you to find the best match for your open position virtually in any country. Service is totally risk-free for you, as you pay only in the event of a successful hire.



We are committed to bringing any project in need of an extra set of hands to MVP and beyond while navigating a smooth, unusually fast path. We provide force-multiplying resources to organizations of all shapes and sizes, as well as help newly born startups get off the ground. Our specialty is creating the perfect development environment for engineers to rapidly pump out features.

CTO as a Service

Our 20 + years of technical experience and excellence will become your competitive advantage. Our technical experts led the design, development, and infrastructure setup end to end. They used to work in startups and big enterprises of all sizes.We will create a perfect code from day 1 for your application


We can provide companies with intuitive, practical, and appealing interfaces in order to create a wow effect for your customers and make them want to use your product more and more. We will use reusable UI components, so we will achieve a consistent user experience and speed up the development of your application


Any project in order to run and scale easily needs a proper infrastructure on the cloud. Our expert DevOps team can set up and run this perfect infrastructure so you will enjoy the best practices from day 1. If your business and amount of users will grow, then our team will easily scale your infrastructure and save you time and money


You don’t need to worry about how to start the delivery process. Our expert product management team can help any organization set up the backlog of tasks and transfer your business ideas into actual delivery tasks for a technical team

Team as a Service

We can create a perfect team for your needs by taking advantage of the hard and soft skills of every developer we allocate for you. The team can be scaled easily according to your delivery needs

Additional services

HR & Retention Services

Traveling Coordination

IT, Logistics & Purchasing

Site management & Office Admin

Payroll, Accounting & Compensation

Social Benefits/Welfare/Events

Employer Branding in Eastern Europe and South America

Legal & Fiscal Support